Amazing, Its taken 8 years to shape public opinion!


I'm not saying that many others have not had similar ideas for the reasons behind the Fermi Paradox, just that I have been talking about it for so much longer than this cartoon video has been up on Youtube, 867,827 viewers, WOW! And yes that is the name of the first alien signal we received from space.

Yeah, its cool to be able to illustrate some complex ideas, but the nuance of things can sometimes be explained better with just a lot of words... in this scientific paper by Milan M. Cirkovic

It does make my comic book a little wordy, but still worth while, check it out... Most naturally humans are curious, they want to know why they are not getting any signals from space? Maybe we just haven't been listening long enough, we are assuming again everyone is as chatty as we are, or lives on the same time scale. Hmm . . . That's interesting, maybe that's it!