Life on Mars? Dead or Alive? Science Fiction??? Why We Need To Know.


Mounting evidence is suggesting I was correct back in 2008 in suggesting that there still may be life on mars.  Methane was recently discovered during a 2 month period by Curiosity rover on Mars.  That and also Allan Hills 84001 with possible evidence suggesting a meteorite from the forth planet from the sun might have fossilized life and finally the strange unexplained results from the first test by Viking really clinch it for me.  Not being a scientist I can believe, where they must have irrefutable evidence.

So let's get that evidence!  Let us assume for now that there is a high probability life is still alive on mars and let's get the funding going to prove me completely wrong!

Send the probes, return sample missions, human colonization efforts anything necessary to prove me completely wrong.   The worst that could happen is that I am really disappointed in the universe.  The best that could happen is we learn something we never knew and we establish a distant base on mars insuring the survival of humanity by being present on two planets.

In my opinion the age old argument for saving money for economic and social programs here on earth is not a valid argument against.  Let's all face it, we are trashing the planet at an increasing rate and our population numbers will soon be nine billion.  Extinction is a real possibility and possibly finding life on mars could make a big difference in our long term survival.