Running a Virtual World in 2013+

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So its 2013+ and you want to run your own virtual world to experiment with creating virtual objects and you have decide to use Opensim. You have access to an old windows box with a fast internet connection and you have heard about the hypergates. Well, for several years now I have written and maintained a post on how to do just that. This year I'm not going to be updating that post, because basically its too much work. Everything you need to know should be here

Personal Virtual World Appliance - PVWA or How to Save Humanity with your own personal Virtual Reality for Free DIY Project!

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How to build your own Personal Virtual World Appliance with Opensimulator Diva Distribution on Rocket Virtual by Michael Blade, AKA Michael McAnally.  June 2012

Opensimulator the Virtual World Server of the Internet -the Diva Distribution

Opensim can become something much bigger still, open for all; the default "Virtual World Server" for the Internet.

Opensimulator began, as I like to think of it, an open source reverse engineered  project with features and functionality duplicated from  This project is now diverging into something different with the help of many software engineers who dedicate their time freely.

How to Build Your Own Virtual World with Opensim for Free - Part I

or How to Become a Virtual World God for Just Monthly Hosting Fees!

PLEASE NOTE: This very detailed article has been deprecated, not because its a bad article, its an excellent article which explains in a general the way setting up your own virtual world with DIVA's version of opensimulator. Unfortunately, technology changes rapidly as tools change and some of the specifics are no longer current and up to date, since I have re-written the article for the last three years and re-written every year, I'm tired of trying to hit a moving target. However, again this is an excellent guideline for creating your own virtual world, explaining many things found in pieces across the web and will remain up for that very reason.
Over the last two years I have been re-writing a series of articles explaining how to use the FREE open source software called Opensim to create your own theme branded 3D virtual spaces called Virtual Worlds (VW)s.  You can visit my VW in avatar form by following the setup and connection instructions at  Viradu is a science fiction themed virtual meeting space which goes along nicely with the sci-fi blog I write call "Transhuman Singularity" under my pen name of Michael Blade.

As Opensim matures, I decided to develop this website for the purpose of teaching how to build virtual spaces fast with Opensimulator.  I have high hopes it will ultimately become a consulting business as well.

So if you are ready to begin building your own virtual world read on . . .  Or if you want to hire me to build one for you please feel free to contact me through this form.

Let's begin, this article is in two parts, both very long and very detailed (I suggest clearing some time out with no interrupting distractions; setting up a VW is very complicated tedious work).  You should probably check for any "work arounds" to problems in the comments on both of these articles before beginning.   Good Luck to You!

Visit a Science Fiction World by Michael Blade

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